Metal Halide Pulse Start VS Probe Start

What is Pulse Start Metal Halide?

Pulse Start Benefits
-Up to 50% increase in lumens per watt
-Up to 16% improvement of lumen maintenance
-Up to 50% longer life lamp
-Reduction in color shift
-Colder starting temperature (as low as -40F)
-50% reduction in warm up time (2 minutes to full brightness)
-80% reduction in lamp re-strike times (3-4 minutes)

Savings Comparison:
WIth Pulse Start having more lumens per watt, less fixtures can be used to light a specific area than when using Probe Start. With a higher lumen output lower wattage systems can be used without a reduction in light levels which also adds to energy savings and reduced energy consumption.

Existing fixtures can aslo be retrofitted by changing the probe start ballast with a lower wattage Pulse Start ballast, Pulse Start lamp and Pulse Start rated socket.